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Six Things You Need To Know About Roy Ray Insurance

We know that it is hard to pick an insurance agent, especially online. Do you go with the one that offers the best price? Do you find one that offers great service? Do you go directly to one of the big companies? It is a hard choice, but we think there is definitely a right answer, and we think that once you get to know us, you will agree. So here are six things that we pride ourselves in, and that our customers tell us that they love about us.

We Treat You Like Family

We are a family run business, and we treat our customers like they are a part of our family. We get to know you, get to know what you need, and make sure that you have everything at the best possible price. And our great customer service does not stop when you sign up with us. That is just the beginning as we see it. We want to do business with you for life, and we know that you have lots of other options when it comes to insurance. So, we always go the extra mile for our customers, and that really makes use different. And, while this may not seem like a big deal now, think about what happens when you actually need your insurance agent. Do you want someone who you know and that knows you, or do you want to be treated like a number?

Real Phones Answered By Real People

Real Phones, Real PeopleYou will never have to press 2 for this or 3 for that. We hate those machines because they are so impersonal, and that is not how we do things at Roy Ray Insurance. We like to get to know our customers, and we don’t think that is possible with machines doing the work. We have actual phones in our office that we answer ourselves. No machines, no automation. If you need us, we are there for you, ready to help. Now, you might get a voice mail box occasionally, but we call back quickly and make sure that you get the help that you need.

We Build Relationships

Our goal for any new customer is to provide them with great service. We do this by getting to know them, getting to know their needs, and then meeting those needs. In the process, we develop great relationships with our customers. They know us and we know them, and we actually start to like each other! The relationships that we build lead to our customers being very loyal. Most of our customers are with us for a very long time, and we would have it no other way.

1-2-3 Teamwork!

Go Team Orange County Auto InsuranceBeing a family owned and operated business has definite advantages. We like the people that we work with and we work very well together. This means that our customers get the personal attention of their agent, but they also get the benefit of the experience and knowledge of the entire staff. So, even if you cant reach your agent, we will make sure that someone is available to help you and to take care of your needs.

Variety is the Spice of Life

One thing that we offer that you can’t get from most agents is a wide variety of “A” rated companies. This lets us treat our customers like individuals and meet their unique needs. If we had only one or two companies to choose from, it would lead to us having to try to talk our customers into things that were not the best for them. It would be like trying to fit a square peg into a round hole. But we know that is not how our customers want to be treated. They want what is best for them, and if we don’t give it to them, they will find someone else that will. So we offer a wide variety of companies and products so we are confident that we can meet your needs however unique they are!

35 Years Of Knowledge And Experience

35 Years in Ahaheim Auto InsuranceWe started this business 35 years ago and have loved every minute of it. And through those 35 years we have learned a thing or two. The five of us in the office have worked here at Roy Ray Insurance for an average of over 17 years! We have helped our customers through almost every situation imaginable (and some that we could have never imagined) and that has given us a huge knowledge base. And we use that knowledge and experience to improve our service to our existing customers, which means that now, our existing customers receive some pretty great service!